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J&j brings free crowdfunding training to your state

CaringCrowd, proudly sponsored by J&J, is a crowdfunding site exclusively for nonprofits in the global public health arena but all nonprofits are invited to the training.


The on-site training sponsored by J&J’s CaringCrowd covers how to build an effective peer-to-peer or direct appeal crowdfunding or online fundraising campaign. We are looking for state nonprofit associations to host the training for nonprofits in their states. J&J will provide the trainer and training materials at no charge to the host or to the participating nonprofits. See what Utah Nonprofits Association CEO Chris Bray says.

Limited Offer

For 2019, J&J will provide the on-site training for only six state nonprofit associations and their members. If you’re interested in being one of the six states, please schedule a ten-minute call with me by clicking here.

Devin Thorpe, author of  Crowdfunding for Social Good , is an internationally recognized expert on crowdfunding.

Devin Thorpe, author of Crowdfunding for Social Good, is an internationally recognized expert on crowdfunding.

Trainer: devin thorpe

Devin is an author, educator and speaker. He calls himself a champion of social good. He travels extensively as a volunteer doing service, as a journalist finding heroes and as a speaker sharing what he’s learned. As a regular Forbes contributor for the leadership channel, he’s reached an audience of over 2 million people. He’s produced over 1,000 episodes of his Your Mark on the World show featuring luminary change agents. A bestselling author, his books—read over 1 million times—help people use money for good. He has helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars via crowdfunding. He earned an MBA at Cornell. Frequently finding himself on airplanes, Devin is grateful to be middle-seat-sized.

Host responsibilities

The state nonprofit association host will be responsible to invite its members to participate and to provide a venue for the training. The host will not be charged for the training, the training materials or the trainer’s travel. The host may charge its participating members a nominal fee to cover the cost of the venue, food or other costs the host may incur.